Depuy's Spring Creek Paradise Valley Montana

Depuy’s Spring Creek Paradise Valley Montana

Welcome to Biggies Bugs and Guides, a small close knit outfitting business located in the “trout capital of the world”.    With so many great waters surrounding us it can be a monumental task to sort out the specifics when planning your vacation.  Over the last 18 years I have been helping both serious anglers looking for a week long fishing vacation and serious vacationers looking to do a little angling while visiting the magnificent state of Montana.  I run a small group of guides who share my passion and respect for the history, resources, and culture of Montana.

I hope to provide you with enough information to get the juices flowing and encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have about the fishing, sight seeing, activities or anything else that may help you plan a great vacation to the “Treasure State”.  Please enjoy your journey through the site and give us the opportunity to assist you in planning a trip that will last a lifetime.


Josh “Biggie” Stanish

2013 Rates and Policies

Full Day Float Trips (2 anglers)        $450.00

*Third person can be accommodated on some float trips for an additional fee

Full Day Wade Trip  (1 angler)           $350.00

Full Day Wade Trip  (2 anglers)         $450.00

Full Day Wade Trip  (3 anglers)         $550.00

Half Day Wade Trip  (1 angler)           $275.00

Half Day Wade Trip  (2 anglers)        $325.00

Half Day Wade Trip  (3 anglers)        $425.00

Multi Day Trips (Two Day Min.)

Bighorn River                          $500.00 per day

Missouri River                         $500.00 per day


Learn to Fly Fish Classes!

Biggie’s Guides have teamed up with the staff at Montana Whitewater Rafting company to offer a great introduction to fly fishing class.  These classes are a great way to introduce someone into the sport of fly fishing.  Our guides will walk you through setting up the equipment, learning how to cast and control your line, entomology, knot tying, fly selection and on the water techniques for presenting the fly.  The classes are designed to simplify the sport and give the clients a strong base of knowledge to head out on there own.   We have also made these classes very economical so that those who have always been interested can get the basic concepts of the sport and hopefully join us in our love for being on the water.   You can either contact me via the contact information on this site or visit the Montana Whitewater ( site where they have online registration for the classes.  The classes run everyday with a morning session as well as an afternoon session.  If you are looking for a full day’s worth of activity you can combine a half day whitewater rafting trip with lunch in our Raft and Cast package.  This trip is designed for the whole family and we would love to share the Gallatin river with you and your family.

Learn to Fly Fish Class                       Adults $58  Kids $48

Cast and Raft Package                        Adults $99   Kids $89

Learn To Fish/Half Day Guide       Adults $155   Kids $145

Full Day Guide Trip                            Adults/Kids   $200 per person

Half Day Guide Trip                           Adults/Kids           $125 per person

Bear Trap Canyon Trip  1 Boat      $800  (1-2 people per boat)

Bear Trap Canyon Trip  2 boats    $ 650.00 per boat  (1-2 people per boat)

Bear Trap Canyon Trips are run in conjunction with Montana Whitewater Guides who accompany guides from Biggies Bugs on the river.  We provide safety boats because of the whitewater that is within the Bear Trap Canyon.

The price of the learn to fly fish class as well as the Cast and Raft packages include all the gear for both fly fishing as well as rafting.


Trip deposits are required to hold a specific date for your trips.  We require a deposit of $100.00 per day per boat to hold your reservation.  Deposits are non refundable if cancellation is made less than 30 days from the date of your trip.

What is provided on your trip?

Our trips are focused on making your day as easy and enjoyable as possible.  The guides utilize either McKenzie style drift boats or rubber rafts, depending on what is best for the water we will be fishing.  All trips include flies, tippets, floatant, strike indicators, split shot as well as transportation to and from the river, shuttles and non alcoholic beverages.  Full day trips also include a deli style stream side lunch or hot lunch depending on weather and the rivers we fish.  Most float trips do not accommodate bringing along grills and stoves but we can accommodate any special request that you may have for meals.

What do you need to bring?

Most importantly is a great attitude and a willingness to learn.  The guides are great instructors and have lots of experience on the rivers we fish.  Even the most seasoned angler will come home at the end of the day a better angler.  We do not provide Rods, Reels, Boots or Waders on the trip, however if you do not own or do not want to travel with your own equipment we would be happy to make arrangements to provide you with rental equipment at a nominal fee. You will also need to have a Montana Fishing license for your day on the water.  You can either pick one up online at or we can stop and purchase one on the day of your trip at one of the area fly shops. Below is a list of additional required as well as recommended gear you will want to bring along.

Required equipment list!

  1. Sunglasses- A must have to protect your eyes from the sun as well as errant cast.
  2. Sunscreen
  3. A good hat
  4. Rain Jacket or poncho
  5. Any medications you may require, including Advil, Benadryl or other allergy meds such as an epi pen for bug bites.  We are not permitted by law to administer or give out any types of medication.

Suggested Equipment List!

  1. Camera’s ! We love to have you capture your photos but please remember that you will be around water all day and should take precautions to keep the camera protected while on the water.
  2. Long pants-  The sun in the Mountains can be harsh and even the best sunscreen won’t help on some days.  Throughout the summer biting flies such as mosquito’s, deer flies, horse flies and other biting critters can be abusive on exposed legs and ankles.
  3. Additional clothing.  We won’t tell you how to dress but please use some common sense when it comes to the time of year you will be visiting.  Gloves, stocking hats, long johns etc.. will make your day much more enjoyable.  The guides have ample storage for you to bring along some extra gear.
  4. Snacks.  Our lunches will have ample amounts of food but you may want to bring along a mid morning or late afternoon snack.  Beef Jerky, Trail mix, Energy bars or other snack are never a bad idea to have along.

Guide Gratuities?

This is probably one of the toughest questions that clients always want an answer to.  I always tell my guides that tips are earned not just given because they are customary to the business.  A basic guideline to follow is the same as you would at a restaurant.   Base your tips on how hard the guide worked for you, not on the number of fish you caught.  Some days the fish just do not want to eat and those are the days that a guide has to work even harder to make sure your trip is a success.  Hard work above and beyond the call of duty should be rewarded.  Most tips range between $75 and $100 per day but please feel free to express your appreciation or your disappointment in a tip more gracious or below the recommended amount.  I would also appreciate any feedback you have on how your trip went, whether it was a beaming success or if something went wrong.

Alcoholic Beverages

We can not provide beer, wine or other spirits on our trips however the guides usually have a limited amount of additional space in their coolers for you to bring along a few beers or a bottle of wine for lunch.  Please limit the amount that you bring with you, the guides are responsible for your safety and will not hesitate to end the day if they feel safety is an issue.


One Response to “2015 Guide Rates”

  1. Steven Shapley Says:

    Hey Josh,

    Hope you and your family had a good winter–I’m sure the kids are aching for sunshine just as much as Dad.

    My college fishing buddy from Ft. Collins and I are going to be fishing in Ennis in September and wondered if you had the 3rd open. We’ll be wading the Madison while we’re there, but would be just as amenable to a float on the Yellowstone, or anywhere else in the area you think might be fun.

    Let me know if you have that day free and I’ll send you a deposit, if you don’t maybe you could recommend someone.

    Have a happy Spring!!

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