January 2008

All the romance of trout fishing exists in the mind of the angler and is in no way shared by the fish. ~Harold F. Blaisdell, The Philosophical Fisherman, 1969
I awoke to about 5 inches of fresh snow this morning. The temp is in the high teens and they are forecasting a bit more snow and then some cooooold weather will be moving in. Ice fishing is looking like a better option than getting out and on the river this weekend. We’ll see if the Mike Turd’s Three degree guarantee actually is on the mark.

Most of our local papers, including a couple in my native state, have outdoors inserts in their paper. I will try and do a Thursday roundup of the local articles I find of interest in each publication. Most of the articles will have a fishing tone, but if I find something more interesting I will have that instead. I hope anyone checking in finds the links useful or at least entertaining.

Tight Lines, Biggie

Billings Gazette

Angler busted twice for taking too many fish!


Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Dave Mckee Article

There aren’t enough days in the duck season!



Dreaming about expedition to that secret lake


Great Falls Tribune

Boyd Wolverton closing fly shop next month


Denver Post

Fly Wars: Which did you choose!


Rocky Mountain News

Fly-rod maker Jeff Hatton finds wealth of possibilities in woods!


May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it. ~Irish Blessing
The painting career has been put on hold again as I wait for another job so that I can occupy my time with something other than the computer or making 15 bean soup. The weather is frigid with a projected high near around 20 today and a slight warming trend with highs in the mid 20’s by Friday. Too cold to fish on the rivers right now but the Annual Lions Club Perch Derby is just around the corner and it may require a day of R&D before the tournament. Jason and I may give it a try tomorrow, but we will see if it all works out. Just another day in Paradise!!!

Well, Well, I just had not even thought about the whole blogging thing in quiet some time but I have time on my hands and I thought maybe I would start back at it for a bit. Maybe I will even find the motivation to keep at it through the summer. It sure would be nice to have the days written down to check out for this coming season and look back at what conditions and changes took place.

Here is my son with his grandfather on his first run off the snowflake chair last weekend. I guess I am back in the skiing game.

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