Thursday Outdoor Roundup!

Billings Gazette: Billings Cabelas retail outlet put on hold!!

It appears that the unstable retail market and fading economy are keeping Cabela’s from opening 5 of their planned retail outlets this year. The Billings store was planed to open this spring but now it has been put on hold. The local flyshops are probably breathing a sigh of relief for the time being.

Missoulian: January is History month for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is well underway throughout the state and fishing derby’s are taking place all around the state. The article wraps up ice fishing derby’s and some other ice fishing factoids.

Denver Post: Aurora gives up big fish!

More ice fishing news from Colorado. Aurora reservoir is home to some whopper perch and the article highlights the reservoir along with other prime ice fishing locations throughout the front range.

Rocky Mountain News: Gentry: More bang for the buck for Lopez!

An amazing mule deer buck was shot by 15 year old Kyle Lopez. The buck was scored at 303 5/8 when it was shot and after the required 60 day drying time that Boone and Crocket requires the offical score grew to 306 3/8. Typically horns shrink after the animal has been killed but the original scorer made some errors and the offical score was actually larger than originally thought. What a great deer either way!