January 2008

Thursday Outdoor Roundup!

Billings Gazette: Billings Cabelas retail outlet put on hold!!

It appears that the unstable retail market and fading economy are keeping Cabela’s from opening 5 of their planned retail outlets this year. The Billings store was planed to open this spring but now it has been put on hold. The local flyshops are probably breathing a sigh of relief for the time being.


Missoulian: January is History month for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is well underway throughout the state and fishing derby’s are taking place all around the state. The article wraps up ice fishing derby’s and some other ice fishing factoids.


Denver Post: Aurora gives up big fish!

More ice fishing news from Colorado. Aurora reservoir is home to some whopper perch and the article highlights the reservoir along with other prime ice fishing locations throughout the front range.


Rocky Mountain News: Gentry: More bang for the buck for Lopez!

An amazing mule deer buck was shot by 15 year old Kyle Lopez. The buck was scored at 303 5/8 when it was shot and after the required 60 day drying time that Boone and Crocket requires the offical score grew to 306 3/8. Typically horns shrink after the animal has been killed but the original scorer made some errors and the offical score was actually larger than originally thought. What a great deer either way!



This short trailer is for a film being put together by my buddies at Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures. This spring they headed to the newly reopened Bang Bang Club in the Bahamas and shot footage of the “Godfather” of bonefishing. The film is being produced by the same guys who work on Warren Miller films and the quality of what they have already put together is second to none. My partner in crime for the past 20 years was fortunate enough to go along on the trip and he brought me back a fly that Charlie tied for me because our fly tying benches are mirror images of each other with all the clutter and mess. I am not sure when the film is scheduled for release but I am anxiously awaiting the day it is availble for our viewing pleasure.

Charlies Bonefish Fly that he tied for me because his fly bench and mine are mirror images of each other in their clutter and confusion. Thanks guys for thinking about me even though I wasn’t there.
I would have added this to the post of the trailer on the film Drift but I could not fiqure out how to get the video and the photo on the same post.

Week Two outdoor writers roundup.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
Hookless Steelhead Fly Fishing

Billings Gazette
Winter Images of Yellowstone Park

Dreaming about that Secret Lake

Great Falls Tribune
BLM unlocks Holter Lake Toilets

The Denver Post
Lead program to be highlighted

The Rocky Mountian News
Another Winter tradition comes to Denver

Off to hit the ice and catch some tasty perch. Enjoy the outdoors roundup, even though there isn’t to much of interest in the papers this morning.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, Teach a man to fish and he will sit on the ice and drink beer all day!”

There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. ~Steven Wright

It amazes me the number of clients that show up for trips that do not bring along a pair of sunglasses. I need to keep this video on hand to show them why they need to wear them at all times. I carry a couple of pairs of solar shields for those who forget. The Solar Shields are hideous looking sunglasses that I make clients wear to try and make a point of how important it is to cover your eyes while flies are flying through the air. I wish I had a DVD player in the truck so that I could hammer home my point a little better.

On another subject it has warmed up to -2 this morning and we should actually see temps above zero today. A warming trend is upon us even if it is only in the teens

Men and fish are alike. They both get into trouble when they open their mouths. ~Author Unknown

Not much to do on a day like today. Air temps this morning were -19 when I awoke and they are forecasting highs to reach the mid single digits. I will be mightly impressed if the temps actually make it out from Below Zero today. Ice fishing is even out of the question. In years past I have braved the elements and headed out on the ice in below zero temps but I guess you can say I am growing up because the idea of sitting on ice when the snot in your nose freezes while you breathe has absolutely no appeal to me anymore. Fly tying and some computer time will have to keep my mind occupied today. Hopefully it may warm up enough to get outside by the end of the week.

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